Business GCSE

Could you turn an idea into a multi-million pound business? Could you be the next CEO of Apple Inc? In the fast paced world of business, anything is possible.

This course will enable you to investigate the qualities and characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, whilst developing the attributes needed to plan and run a business. You will have the opportunity to explore real business issues and how businesses work. You will consider the practical applications of business concepts. The course content provides opportunities for you to explore theories and concepts in the most relevant way, through the context of events in the business and economic world.

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Topics you will study
  • Setting up a Business (Written Exam)
  • Growing as a Business (Written Exam)
  • Investigating Businesses (Controlled Assessment)
Progression Routes – What’s in it for me?

Students who study this course will often progress onto further study at the College. GCSE Business is an ideal preparation for those who aspire to study Business at a higher level.

Assessment:                         Awarding Body:

Exams – 75%                                            AQA
Controlled Assessment – 25%

Key Features
  • Suitable for students with ranging abilities.
  • Dynamic and inspiring classroom activities.
  • Will enable you to develop a range of sought after and valuable skills.
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GCSE Business will encourage you to:

  • Engage in the study of Business to develop as effective and independent learners
  • Use a critical approach to distinguish between fact and opinion and to build arguments and make informed judgements
  • Develop and apply knowledge, understanding and skills to contemporary issues in local, national and global contexts
  • Appreciate the range of perspectives of different stakeholders in relation to business and economic activities
  • Consider the extent to which business and economic activity can be ethical and sustainable
  • Apply skills, knowledge and understanding in a variety of contexts and in planning and carrying out investigations and tasks
  • Analyse and evaluate evidence, make reasoned judgements and present appropriate conclusions.