Classical Civilisation (A Level)

This subject provides an enthralling combination of literature and ancient history. Sail the perilous seas with our hero, Odysseus, and witness his battles against fearsome monsters and his encounters with the most seductive temptations.

Will he have the resilience needed to complete his journey home? Homer’s epic adventure story embroils the reader in a world of wonders which will transport you to another place and time. The history side of the course involves learning about Rome’s first emperor, Augustus, and the political spin which secured his position as imperial master of one of the world’s most successful empires. In year two, we study the Roman epic, Virgil’s Aeneid which celebrates Rome via its mythical origins. The story is packed with drama and is also deeply moving. Greek religion completes our studies in this culturally eye-opening and highly successful course.

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Topics you will study
  • Homer’s Odyssey and Society
  • Greek Religion
  • Virgil’s Aeneid
  • Imperial Image – Emperor Augustus
Progression Routes – What’s in it for me?

Classical Civilisation is highly valued by Universities as it is a challenging, academically rigorous subject and the subject also fosters skills which are valued by employers. As the University
of Cambridge state – Employers like Classicists because they are hardworking, articulate, efficient and can master new situations intelligently. Classicists can be found in a range of fields – not just teaching and museum/library work. Other areas include law, administration, the media, industry and politics.

Assessment:                        Awarding Body:

Exams – 100%                                        OCR

Results 2016: 97%
Key Features:
  • Fosters excellent communication skills – both written and oral.
  • Hones analytical and evaluative skills.
  • Develops confidence and team work.
  • Encourages effective independent learning skills.
  • It’s a very interesting subject which enjoys good retention and results.
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The academic rigour of the course calls for resilience and determination to succeed. The learning activities foster teamwork and hone debating skills and development of confidence. Independent learning tasks build up skills in organisation and meeting deadlines. The subject matter encourages a celebration of cultural diversity.

What our students say…

“Thank you for everything. Your lesson was by far my favourite and I had a great time … I will be going to Cardiff University to study Ancient History “