Classical Civilization (GCSE)

This fascinating course takes in the enthralling adventures of the wily hero , Odysseus , as he encounters malevolent gods , monsters and tempting enchantresses on his journey home from the Trojan war.

You will also explore life in the city of ancient Rome covering topics such as family life , slavery , religion and the grisly events in the Colosseum. We study the great warrior city state of Sparta – a people entirely devoted to the art of war from cradle to grave and there is a controlled assessment opportunity on a topic from the ancient world.


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Topics you will study:
  • The Odyssey – Homer
  • Rome – City Life
  • Sparta
  • Plus a controlled assessment on an aspect of the ancient world
Progression Routes – What’s in it for me?

Most students progress to higher education from which they can enter careers such as teaching, journalism, law, civil service, library and museum work and many other fields. You will build up generic skills attractive to employers.


Exams – 75%
Controlled Assessment – 25%




Awarding Body:


Key Features:
  • An exciting mixture of literature and history
  • Improves communication skills – oral and written
  • Lots of opportunity for discussion and debate
  • You will have an experienced and enthusiastic teacher
  • Develops independent study skills
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Hones communication skills , analytical and evaluative abilities , independent learning and lifelong love of learning whilst appreciating cultural diversity .

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