Government & Politics (A Level)

Ever thought you could run the country better than the people in Parliament and 10 Downing Street?

Interested in current affairs? Well here is your chance to find out how to become an M.P or P.M.

During the first year of the course you will look at Elections, Political Parties, Pressure Groups, Parliament, the Prime Minister and Government. The topics are examined both in terms of the powers of the institutions and how individuals have used these powers to try and achieve their aims. In the second year you will look more closely at U.S Politics.

The subject can be studied in combination with a range of others but English, History, Law and Social Sciences are the most common combination. The main requirements are an interest in Politics and the ability to express yourself well on paper.

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Course Insight Subject Highlights

Topics you will study:
  • Reforming the electoral system
  • Use of referendums in the UK
  • Why electors vote for the parties that they do
  • Why so many people do not vote in elections
  • The use of Direct Action by pressure groups
  • What the role of an MP should be
  • Should the House of Lords be abolished?
  • Is the prime minister too powerful?
  • What were the main reasons for the result in the US Presidential election?
  • Where does power lie in the US system of Government?
Progression Routes – What’s in it for me?

The vast majority of our Politics students progress onto university and many take related degrees: Government, International Relations or Public Administration

This subject is particularly useful if you are looking for a career in Law, Civil Service, Local Government and the Police. One of our former students went on to become an MP and a number are now local councillors.

Assessment:                    Awarding Body:

Exams -100%                                     AQA

Results 2016: 100%  




Key Features:
  • Study a subject with other students who have a keen interest in the world around them.
  • Government & Politics lessons frequently involve a great deal of discussion about current events.
  • Develop a good understanding of the political systems of both the UK and USA.
  • You will get the opportunity to visit Parliament and see real Politics in action.
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How we will help you to boost your CV by developing your skills and qualifications…

Any potential employer who sees that an applicant has studied Politics will realise that this is someone who takes an interest in the world at large and is likely to be a valuable asset to any team.

As part of the course all students will visit the Houses of Parliament and be involved in the liaison activities with the Politics and International Relations Department at Keele University.

The nature of this course and the activities undertaken within it will hone your communication skills, creativity, independence of thought, your respect for the views of others and problem solving skills.

What our students say…

“I really enjoyed studying Politics and the interest I developed during my A Level course has stayed with me ever since.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the regular debates we had in class about what had taken place in the news that week. Such an interesting subject to take, very current and I am glad I chose it.”