The Course

The first year, the Foundation Year provides an diagnostic year but also an essential stepping stone onto the degree course. You will study the year alongside students planning to study across the wider Media industry at degree level; BA (Hons) English and Creative Writing, Journalism and Film, Television and Radio Studies. As the year progresses the course and modules are flexible to allow your pathway within Media to change as you will develop broader skills to enable you to move pathways.

You will work alongside students from a diverse range of creative backgrounds to develop your own practice. You will be taught by practitioners with experience of Journalism, Writing and Film Production to give you the best possible experience and preparation for degree study and future careers.

All this is done in an environment that is committed to placing you at the centre of the educational experience. You will have a wide ranging experience that will enable you to make a clear decision about your future studies and career.

Course Content

The course will help you gain confidence, required skills and a real world understanding of the breadth and depth of the Media industry through a range of creative, practical projects. You will develop a portfolio of project work that means you are fully prepared for higher level study.


  •    Team Project-Media (15 Credits)
  •    Production Skills for Media (30 Credits)
  •    Theory and Practice in Media (30 Credits)
  •    Ideas Generation and Problem-solving for Media (15 Credits)
  •    Major Project-Media (30 Credits)

Teaching and Learning

You will be taught through a variety of lectures, workshops and practical sessions. At level 3 you will typically have 12-15 hours of contact sessions a week. The majority of your work will be of a practical nature, but knowledge of theory and critical skills are also of fundamental importance to you as a contemporary media practitioner. While all strands will share modules and learning outcomes, projects will be framed in ways that allow you to place more emphasis on your area of study through open-ended projects, encouraging you to develop more self-determined practices.

When not in sessions you will be expected to continue learning independently. This will usually involve reading, reflecting on work produce and working on individual and group projects.

Graduate Destinations

Upon successful completion the Foundation year gives you direct access to the BA (Hons) course depending on the focus of your Final Project. This could include:

  • BA [Hons] Film, Television and Radio Studies
  • BA [Hons] English and Creative Writing
  • BA [Hons] Journalism

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