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College Mobilisation and Risk Assessment FAQ

Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions below with regards to you returning back to College.

To view our Increase Mobilisation Plan and Risk Assessment, click here.

how will i enter the building?

The front accessibility door next to the swivel door will be wedged open from 8am to 9am.  You won’t need to touch any door handles to come into college.  If you arrive after 9am, a member of staff on reception will open the automatic door for you.  You will need to show your badge as usual, so please remember to bring this with you.  Hand sanitiser will be available in the atrium.

how are we ensuring social distancing?

A range of measures have been introduced, these are detailed in the risk assessment available on the college website and within these Frequently Asked Questions.  One of the most important measures is to ensure that students and staff are aware of social distancing and supported to ensure that staff and students are maintaining social distancing through their actions whilst in the college building.  The measures include but are not exclusive to;

  • Signage throughout the building.
  • Floor markings to measure 2 metres.
  • Limits to the number of people in college – only users and essential visitors.
  • Moving furniture to create distance between users and between adults and students.
  • Limiting the number of pinch points.
  • Frequent cleaning of pinch points.
  • One way systems.
  • Frictionless movement, all internal doors and entrance/exit wedge open throughout the day.
  • Students will remain in their classrooms during lunch and breaks, leaving to transition to the next lesson, use the washrooms or purchase food and drink.
  • Students are encouraged to arrive on time for their first lesson and travel home at the end of their lessons.
  • A duty rota of senior staff will support all staff to encourage distancing in communal areas and circulation spaces.

can i wear a mask in college?

Yes – it is now mandatory for staff and students to wear a mask in the communal areas and circulation spaces and they transition around the building.  Masks may be worn in classrooms but we would like staff and students to be able to communicate effectively with each other across the 90 minutes of the lesson.

How many people will be in the building and how many people in every class?

100% of students will attend lessons 100% of the time.  The average class size across the college is 16.  There are 24 places in a standard classroom.  Therefore students will have a greater distance in some lessons.

What will I do during break?

To support social distancing we would like to limit the number of students in corridors and communal areas of the college.  During a short break you may stay a little longer in the classroom used for the previous lesson, you may also arrive early for the next class, the classroom door will be open and you may go in and sit down before the lesson starts.  You will want to use the washrooms and may grab a bite to eat or drink from costa coffee.

Please chat to your friends in the classroom maintaining social distancing.  There is a queuing system for Costa to maintain distances and so don’t leave this to the last minute!

What will I do if I have a long gap between lessons?

If you have a large gap between lessons then a great thing to do would be to use the college and University Quarter outside spaces for a short walk or to consume your lunch.  In college, the refectory and LRC’s are available for students to sit, chat or study, provided social distancing is maintained.  In October the new college extension will be opened providing a significant increase in social study space.

In addition there will be many classrooms available where you can sit, study, chat and consume lunch.  Classroom doors will be open, please go in as use them.

will food and drink be available?

Costa Coffee will be available for cold and cold food and drinks from Monday 24th September and the Refectory from 3rd September.  The usual Refectory menu’s will be available from 3rd September.

Is the College 'Covid secure'?

Yes the college is COVID secure and you can be confident that we have taken all of the appropriate safety measures expected by government guidance.  We have risk assessed the college, the number of students coming into the building and taken all of the appropriate measures to provide a COVID secure place for the staff and students to use.

The most important thing that you can do is to social distance yourself from other users and secondly wash your hand often, for 20 seconds.

Will I be able to get a bus pass?

The usual arrangements for issuing bus passes will operate.  Bursary students will receive a bus pass and free school meal as usual.

If you have not previously applied for bursary then you can do so at any time.

is public transport operating?

Yes, (although you are required to wear a face covering unless you have a very good medical reason not too).  The government have provided additional funding to the Local Authority to increase capacity on the scheduled bus and train services.  We have provided some anonymous location data to the local authority plan this and coordinate with the transport operators.  We will communicate with students when this is confirmed.

I have allergies should I attend?

Every student and member of staff will have personal risk factors that are unique to them.  While attendance will be recorded, no students will be penalised if their risk factors mean that they cannot attend.  The tutorial programme is very important and will guide students through their preparations for employment, apprenticeships and university applications.  Attendance at lessons will also help students to review the work that they have already completed, receive personalised guidance from their teachers and prepare for their summer tasks.  We believe that this important study programme will be valued by all of the learners that can attend.  To help you analyse your personal risk factors the following table shows the types of things that make you clinically extremely vulnerable.  The safety measure in place mean that all other students may choose to attend within the government guidance.

Will teachers work at the same desk every lesson?

We are following the usual timetable.  Lessons will take place in the rooms indicated on the CEDAR timetable.

What do I do if I injure myself or feel unwell?

The usual first aid arrangements are in place.  The duty first aider will attend anyone who is unwell.  Fist aiders have access to appropriate PPE and will risk assesses each event on a case by case basis.

What do I do if I feel unwell and suspect that I might have the virus?

The advice remains that if you suspect that you may have the virus please do not attend college.  Please book a test and inform college firstly that you have symptoms and have booked a test.  The college will start the track and trace process once we are informed that a test has been booked.

When you receive the outcome of the test please contact the college again so that we know the outcome.  The college will use information about positive and negative tests to influence the next steps to ensure that the college remains ‘Covid Secure’.

If you become unwell in college, the procedures used from January 2020 will continue.  If you are unwell please call for a first aider.  If you are concerned that you may have the virus please declare that to the first aider.  If you are able to make your way home please do so, following the government guidance on safe travel.  If you are waiting for a lift and it is safe to do so please wait outside to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

I’d like to ask a question, how do I do this?

Please direct any questions to your progress coach in the first instance.  If your progress coach is not able to answer the enquiry they will pass the question on to an appropriate colleague who will reply for them.

Will the college issue PPE?

Staff and students should always follow the most recent government guidance on PPE.  It is now expected on public transport and in retail environments but is not required / is optional in all other situations.  You may provide your own masks and gloves but this must not contain any latex due to allergies within the college community.

The most important safety measures you can take are;

  • Don’t attend college if you are showing symptoms of Covid 19. Book a test.
  • Wash your hand regularly for 20 seconds.
  • Maintain a social distance of 2 metres from other users of the building.

Will Fenton Manor and the Science Centre operate as normal?

Yes – except please go straight to your classroom and do not use or congregate in the circulation spaces.  Please do not use any seating outside the classroom in these venues.

Increase mobilisation plan and risk assessment

To view our Increase Mobilisation Plan and Risk Assessment, click here.


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