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Classical Civilisation

Classical Civilisation GCSE

Course Overview

This fascinating Classical Civilisation (GCSE) course involves the study of Ancient Greek and Roman Myth and Religion.

Topics include The Gods, Hercules, Temples and Festivals, Death, Burial and the Underworld.

The second unit embraces life in the city of ancient Rome which presided over a mighty empire, and covers housing ( for both rich and poor ), the family, slavery, society as well as the deadly combat in the Colosseum and the exhilarating chariot racing in the Circus Maximus. Literary sources are used to give us a fuller picture of the period from the viewpoint of those who lived in those exciting times.

Course Topics

  • Greek and Roman Myth and Religion
  • Roman City Life

Course Features

Increases cultural capital

Improves communication skills, both verbal and written

Research opportunities

Hones analytical and evaluative skills

Ample opportunities for discussion and debate

Fosters independent learning

Builds an excellent foundation for progression to level 3 Humanities courses


100% Exam

Awarding Body: OCR


2019 Results: 100%

Where Courses Become Careers

Excellent preparation for progression to our Humanities level 3 courses such as History, Religious Studies, English Literature and of course, Classical Civilisation.

Make your mark

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Hones communication skills, analytical and evaluative abilities, independent learning and a lifelong love of learning whilst appreciating cultural diversity.


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