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Transition Digital

Transition (Digital) T level

Course Overview

The T Level Transition Programme (Digital) is a new type of 16 to 19 study programme, specifically designed to develop the skills, experience, knowledge and behaviours to support successful progression onto a T Level in either Digital: Software Development, Infrastructure or Support Services.

It is targeted at students who are not yet ready to start a Level 3 T Level but have the potential to progress onto one following a tailored preparation programme. The T Level Transition Programme is a full-time study programme lasting up to a standard academic year in almost all cases.

Course Topics

Every T Level Transition programme has five key elements: diagnostic and guidance period, English and Maths skills development, work experience and preparation, introductory technical skills, pastoral support and personal development. The T Level Transition programme (Digital) will develop the introductory technical skills through a technical qualification at Level 2. It is expected that students will have GCSE Maths at grade 4+ in order to access this programme. GCSE English will form the basis of their English skills development.

Course Features

In order to start on the T Level Transition programme (Digital), you must have grade 4+ at GCSE Maths, meet the College entry criteria for Level 3 Foundation study, and also want a future career in the digital sector.

  • The T Level Transition programme (Digital) is a programme of study that will prepare you for Level 3 study upon completion.
  • You will develop the skills and attributes for a future career in the Digital sector.
  • Work experience and pastoral support are integrated into the programme to help you prepare for working in a professional environment.
  • The Digital sector of the economy and the world of work is growing, and offers a range of interesting and rewarding potential future careers

Progression Routes

Studying the T level Transition Programme (Digital) at the Sixth Form College gives you the opportunity to progress to the Level 3 T Levels in Digital. This could lead on to a degree, degree apprenticeship or direct employment in a range of careers such as: Network Technician, Software Developer, IT Technician etc. Throughout the course you will develop life-long learning skills.


  • GCSE English: 100% exam
  • Level 2 Technical Qualification: TBC
  • Work Experience: Employer reference

Make your mark

How SFC will help you to boost your CV by developing your skills and qualifications…

Students taking a T Level in Digital will gain the skills, knowledge and experience needed to progress to highly skilled employment, higher level study or an apprenticeship. The Stoke 6th Graduate Attributes will be developed and enhanced during this course: resilience, independent learning, communication, problem solving skills and a lifelong love of learning will all be encouraged throughout the T Level in Digital course.


If you are unsure what course you think you should choose or what career you would like to aspire towards then contact Admissions:

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