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Healthcare Science

Healthcare Science T Level

Course Overview

As the Covid pandemic has clearly demonstrated to us all, Healthcare Science is a vital field that we all depend upon.

Are you looking for a Level 3 Science course that includes an in-depth industry placement in the Healthcare Science sector? A course that focuses more on vocational skills than A Levels, that will help you into skilled employment in Healthcare Science, higher study or apprenticeships? Yes? Then the T level in Healthcare Science is the course for you.

Healthcare Science is one of the fastest-growing areas of the NHS. This means a Healthcare Science qualification will open up a range of opportunities, giving you the practical and technical skills to build an exciting, and high level, career. This T level is a 2-year Level 3 course, equivalent to 3 A Levels but with a more vocational focus. In addition to classroom-based lessons, the course includes 315 hours working with an employer on a relevant industry placement.

Course Content

Students will develop:

  • A general understanding of Health and Science
  • Working within the Health and Science sector
  • Health, safety and environmental regulations
  • Managing information and data
  • Principles of good scientific and clinical practice
  • Core science concepts.

Students will also learn about topics specific to science:

  • Understanding the Healthcare sector
  • Providing person-centred care
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Further science knowledge
  • Health and safety in the Healthcare sector
  • Infection prevention and control
  • Managing personal information.

Occupational specialist content:
Students will develop the relevant knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to patient care: supporting health care sciences to produce reliable data and images used for diagnosis and treatment; supporting the collection of a range of specimens for analysis to aid diagnosis and treatment; processing and analysing specimens to produce reliable data for use in diagnosis and treatment.

The teaching and assessment of relevant Maths, English and Digital skills are embedded throughout the course.

Course Features

This T Level is an alternative to science-based A levels, apprenticeships and other 16 to 19 courses.

A T Level is a nationally-recognised qualification that is worth the same number of UCAS points as 3 A levels. This T Level focuses far more on healthcare science vocational skills and can help students into skilled employment, higher study or apprenticeships.

This T Level includes an in-depth industry placement in the healthcare science sector where students get valuable experience in the workplace, and employers get early sight of new talent. T Level students spend 80% of the course in the classroom, learning the skills that employers need. The other 20% is a meaningful industry placement, where they put these skills into action.

Progression Routes

Students who achieve this qualification could progress to the following: employment as a clinical analyst or healthcare science associate; higher education (university healthcare science-based courses); healthcare science-based higher-level apprenticeships.


The core knowledge and understanding is assessed through two externally marked exams, and the core skills through a compulsory practical employer-set project (315 hours minimum). The combined results from the exam papers and compulsory employer-set project determine the overall core component grade (A*- to E and U, in line with A-levels). In order to achieve a grade for the core component, students must have results for the core examinations and the employer-set project. Students are assessed on the occupational specialist content synoptically, through practical assignments graded on a three-point scale (including U): Distinction, Merit, and Pass, in line with BTEC qualifications.

Make your mark

How SFC will help you to boost your CV by developing your skills and qualifications…

Students taking a T Level in Health and Science will gain the skills, knowledge and experience needed to progress to highly skilled employment, higher level study or an apprenticeship. The Stoke 6th Graduate Attributes will be developed and enhanced during this course: resilience, independent learning, communication, problem solving skills and a lifelong love of learning will all be encouraged throughout the T Level in Health and Science course.

industry placement

An industry placement is a mandatory part of the T Level course and full certification of the T Level will not be possible without completing the industry placement. The industry placement is substantially longer than the traditional work experience on BTEC/CTEC and so should be significantly beneficial to you and the employer. You will gain substantial technical training as required through your industry placement.

Key features of the T Level Industry Placement:

  • You will spend a minimum of 315 hours in the workplace with an external employer.
  • The placement can be in a hospital or nursing home and will allow you to gain real world experience of adult nursing.
  • A single placement of 315 hours can be split across two employers if needed. Placements will be undertaken in blocks to allow you to fully immerse yourself into a professional working environment.

Ways to attend Industry Placements
The time spent with employers can be carried out as:

  • A solid block (3-6 weeks)
    Multiple smaller blocks (1-2 weeks)
    A mixture of any of these models, depending on what works for the College, you and your employer.

If you are unsure what course you think you should choose or what career you would like to aspire towards then contact Admissions:

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