Accounting (A Level)

“I always eat at the most expensive restaurants and I like to change my Porsche once a year”. …

Well, we can’t promise this is what you’ll be saying in a few years’ time, but regularly more than 90% of our Accounting students go on to study the subject after leaving the Sixth Form College. Accountants tend to have a much lower likelihood of unemployment, as well as enjoying much higher than average salaries throughout their working lives. Accounting is not just limited to number crunching and spread sheets, as might be perceived by some. It is a fascinating, varied and very rewarding subject both financially and in terms of job satisfaction.



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 Topics you will study:

You will use financial data such as wages, sales, and purchases in order to find out:

  • If a business is making a profit or a loss (trading and profit and loss accounts).
  • The number of sales that need to be made in order to survive (the breakeven position).
  • How much it costs to make a product – in order to set a realistic price and control the business the overall value of a business (the balance sheet).
  • The results of business decisions.
Progression Routes – What’s in it for me? 

There are a variety of career routes available in finance and accountancy ranging from a book keeper to a financial advisor. Students move on from the course in a variety of directions from apprenticeships to higher education. Many students progress onto AAT qualifications and others go on to study accountancy or business qualifications at university.

Accounting will provide students with both the skills and characteristics required for further study in accountancy, whether that be in an apprenticeship environment or at university.

Assessment:                    Awarding Body

Exams -100%                                     AQA

Results 2018: 100%



Key Features:
  • By choosing Accounting you will receive high quality teaching designed to challenge and support you.
  • Accounting is an extremely desirable skill in the real world of Business.
  • By studying Accounting you will be excellent at problem finding and solving, skills which would support a global career.
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How we will help you to boost your CV by developing your skills and qualifications…

We have excellent links with the leading accountancy companies in the Staffordshire area and hold networking events for our students, these events will employ and enhance your communication skills. We regularly have large international accountancy companies giving careers talks and offer our learners the chance to join the Shares for School scheme that we run in the department. The vast majority of our learners are either placed in accountancy roles or are studying the subject at university. Studying Accounting will develop your problem solving ability, your independence of thought and will encourage you to contribute creative and innovative solutions.

We are launching the ICAEW challenge this year called BASE which will be a competition held at Stoke football ground. This will involve teamwork to provide solutions to real life company scenarios, the best will go on to the next stage in this National Competition.

What our students say…

“My teachers offer regular revision sessions after College to help us prepare for the exams. I feel these sessions really helped me to pass my A Level in Accounting”