Philosophy (A Level)

Philosophy is possibly the oldest subject on the curriculum. It is the attempt to answer the biggest questions that people can ask. 

Is there a God? What is the Mind? How do we decide what is right and wrong? These are all questions that philosophers find deeply puzzling and argue about passionately; they are questions that don’t have easy
or obvious answers.

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Course Insight Topics you will study

Topics you will study
  • Reason or Experience: are my eyes more reliable than my thoughts?
  • Do we learn through education or are we born with innate ideas?
  • How do I know that the world is real and not just in my mind?
  • Is the existence of God as obvious as the fact that triangles have 3 sides?
  • The Design Argument: does the order of the world prove God?
  • Can God exist if evil and suffering are present in the world?
  • Why be moral? Should I obey moral rules?
  • How do I decide what is right and wrong?
  • Is the mind the same as the brain or is it more like a soul?
  • Do other people have minds?
  • Is there such a thing as ‘good?’
  • Zombies: they’re not real but are they possible?
Progression Routes – What’s in it for me?

Good philosophy students find ultimate questions fascinating, enjoy reasoning and arguing about them and are able to communicate their views clearly and concisely. These skills make philosophy graduates very valuable in all forms of employment.

Assessment:                          Awarding Body:

Exams – 100%                                          AQA

Results 2018: 100%




Key Features:
  • BE A 5 YEAR OLD AGAIN – philosophers ask lots of questions, be curious about the world. Be awkward.
  • ARGUMENT – you will get the chance to discuss and write persuasively. Arguments are the tools of our trade.
  • THE BIG STUFF – philosophy deals with the biggest questions there are.
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How SFC will help you to boost your CV by developing your skills and qualifications…

You could be in for the ride of your life. Fasten your seatbelt and be prepared to have a completely new outlook on life’s big questions. Philosophy is a very challenging A Level that demonstrates to employers and universities that you are a creative and critical thinker. Universities and employers value this qualification and there is evidence that philosophy graduates have higher levels of employment than many other courses.

“Some of those students will go on to apply those skills in an academic setting, but many will find work across a whole range of professions, in law, finance, government, policing, media, teaching, writing and business.” Wayne Martin (University of Essex – quoted in Times Higher 2009)

What our students say…

“Teachers are always available for additional help and there are lots of resources”

“Makes you think about things you’ve never thought about before.”

“The course was both informing and interesting with the different perspectives from various great philosophers and arguments about unique topics.”