Criminology & Law

Our new and exciting Futures Programme is designed to provide you with maximum opportunities and support to explore your chosen subject and career.

This cutting-edge programme will consist of an elaborate array of specialist workshops and events, visits to workplaces and prestigious institutes, as well as lectures delivered by renowned guest speakers in their field.

Developed by working closely with national and local universities, undergraduates and local employers, the Futures Programme will ensure you will receive subject focused advice, guidance and mentoring.

This will equip you with all the necessary tools you will need in order to excel into a life-enhancing career.

Are you interested in reading & learning about current affairs?
• Able to demonstrate effective written & oral communication?
• Interested in applying for a leadership role within the leadership team at SFC?

Then the Criminology & Law Futures Programme is for you.

Find out more about Criminology and Law in our Futures guide.