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Key dates for the academic year 2022-2023

Staff development days are to be confirmed. This page will be updated accordingly to reflect these dates once confirmed.


Start of Term for Teaching Staff: Thursday 25th August 

Get Ready to be Transformed (Enrolment): Thursday 25th August and Friday 26th August

Staff Development Day: Tuesday 30th August

Start of Year for Year 2 Students: Thursday 1st September from 12.15pm onwards

Induction for 1st Year and Level 3 Foundation Students: Thursday 8th September, normal lessons on Friday 9th September. NB: Year 2 students will carry out independent study on these days.

Lessons as Usual for Both Year 1 and 2: Monday 12th September

Half Term: Thursday 20th October – Friday 28th October

Staff Development Day: Monday 31st October (college is closed for students)

Resume Term: Tuesday 1st November

End of Term: Friday 16th December

Christmas: Monday 19th December – Monday 2nd January


Resume Term: Wednesday 4th January

Half Term: Monday 20th February – Friday 24th February

Resume Term: Monday 27th February

End of Term: Friday 31st March

Easter Holiday: Monday 3rd April – Friday 14th April


Start of Term: Monday 17th April

May Day: Monday 1st May

Bank Holiday for the Coronation of King Charles III: Monday 8th May

Half Term: Monday 29th May – Friday 2nd June

Resume Term: Monday 5th June

Contingency Days for Examinations: These are now timetabled for the afternoons of the 8th and 15th June as well as the day of 28th June 2023. These dates are agreed by the Government in the event of national or significant local disruptions to examinations in the United Kingdom. All students sitting exams in Summer 2023 must remain available until 28th June should the Government need to invoke its contingency plan.

End of Term for Students: Friday 14th July

End of Term for Teaching Staff: Wednesday 19th July

Term Dates 2022-23

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