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Attendance = success

We expect full attendance in all lessons, Personal Progress and Development (PPD) sessions and ASPIRE+ activities; research shows that attendance is key to a young person achieving their full potential. In fact, a student with full attendance will achieve two grades better than a student who misses a day a week, is more likely to achieve high grades, and more likely to complete their course.
We are a full-time College, and we do not allow students to work from home. Our teachers are experts in their subjects and provide amazing support to the young people in their classes.

Our approach to absence

The only time the College will authorise an absence is if a student is taking part in an educational activity, e.g. a sporting activity, filming, or an educational visit organised by College. This will not count as an absence against a student’s attendance record.
If a student is absent for any other reason including ill-health; travel problems; appointments; bad weather; etc, this will count as an absence against a student’s attendance record. On the rare occasion that your young person is too ill to attend College, they should let College know either via CEDAR or the absence line on 01782 854203. This will count as an explained, unauthorised absence. Your young person must ALSO contact their teacher and complete any missed work.
Staff will attempt to make contact with your young person if they are absent from lessons for any reason. If contact cannot be established, staff will contact the next of kin listed on CEDAR, therefore please ensure that your contact details are kept up to date. If a young person has not attended College for 4 weeks and we have not had any contact with them, their place at College will be withdrawn. 

How we help students meet our expectations

All students are expected to attend all lessons, Personal Progress and Development (PPD) sessions and ASPIRE+ activities on time, to show positive behaviour for learning, and make progress in their studies. Young people who cannot meet these expectations will be supported through our Student Performance Management process. You can find more details here: Link to parents’ guide. If your young person does not engage with the support offered, or still finds it difficult to meet College expectations despite additional support, their place at College may be at risk.

Fitness to study

There are times when physical and/ or mental health issues mean that students are unable to meet the commitments agreed at enrolment. In such cases, staff will support students using the student performance management process detailed above. At each stage, staff will communicate clearly with parents and students the ways in which the student’s physical or mental health is impacting on their progress and the support that has been offered to help them stay in College.
There may be situations where the College has made reasonable adjustments and provided appropriate support, but the student is still unable to meet the commitments agreed at enrolment. In these cases, a ‘fitness to study’ panel will be called to discuss how illness is impacting on the student’s progress and attendance. There will be an opportunity for a discussion with the student and the family on the student’s fitness to study and the most appropriate options available.

Helping you keep track of your young person's attendance

On CEDAR you can see your son/ daughter’s attendance, how they are progressing in their studies and comments staff have made on their progress. You can also see their current timetable- you may wish to print it off and stick it on the fridge! 
Once your young person has enrolled at the College, you will be sent details on how to log in, so it is important we have the correct email address for you. If you are having difficulty logging in, please email in the first instance. Please contact College if you have not received the log in details by the end of September.

If you are unsure what course you think you should choose or what career you would like to aspire towards then contact Admissions: