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You may be entitled to financial support from the College Bursary Scheme to help meet the costs of continuing with your studies.

Financial support

Financial support is government money administered by the College to help and support 16-19 year old students in further education. The fund is to support learners who are experiencing financial difficulty in accessing or completing their course.

Click here to apply for financial support for 2023/24.

types of bursaries

There are three categories of financial support available at the Sixth Form College; The Specialist Supportive Bursary, Discretionary Bursary Only (Income Based), and The Discretionary Bursary & Free Meals (Benefits Based).

Frequently asked questions

Appeals Process

Where the applicant is not satisfied with the original decision he/she may appeal formally in writing within ten working days to the Assistant Principal, who is totally independent of the assessment process. Appeals can be considered on the grounds of extenuating circumstances, which have not previously been disclosed, or new financial evidence that has not previously been considered. A photocopy of all pages of any additional evidence must be included with the appeal. Appeals will be assessed by the Assistant Principal and a decision notified to the applicant in writing within 15 working days of receipt. This decision is final.

care to learn

If you are under the age of 20 and have one or more children, Care To Learn can help you with the cost of childcare whilst you are learning.

  • You are a parent under the age of 20 at the start of your course.
  • You are the main carer for your child.
  • You live in England.
  • You are either a British citizen or have a legal right to live and study. Click here for more information.
  • Your course qualifies (all courses at the College qualify).
  • Your childcare provider is registered with Ofsted.

Terms & Conditions

If you are unsure what course you think you should choose or what career you would like to aspire towards then contact Admissions: