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We are proud of the achievements of our young people here at the City of Stoke on Trent Sixth Form College. A significant majority of our young people progress to a wide range of university courses, including Oxbridge, Russell Group, Sutton 30 and local universities, whilst others choose to progress to apprenticeships, including prestigious degree apprenticeships, or directly into employment; we work hard to support every young person, whichever progression route is right for them.

The Sixth Form College is a very different learning environment from secondary school. We support our young people to take responsibility for their own behaviour and progress, in order to make the successful transition into independent learners. Support is offered by a range of staff at the College, but your role as parent/carer is just as important; we recognise that positive parental/carer interaction has a positive impact on a young person’s learning, behaviour, attendance and progress.

The College values the contribution that parents/carers can make towards their young person’s education and would like to work in partnership with you to ensure that all of our young people can fulfil their potential. Therefore, we actively encourage parents/carers to contact the College and interact with teaching staff in order to ensure that all of our young people have the opportunity to be successful during their time with us.

We look forward to working with you.

Please take some time to read through the FAQs below, and do not hesitate to contact the College via the on-line contact form or telephone, if you would like more information.

does my young person have to come to college all day, every day?

Young people must attend all of their timetabled lessons and tutorials every week; their timetable is available for you to view at any time after the start of the academic year, on CEDAR. We expect 100% attendance; evidence strongly suggests that students with full attendance achieve better outcomes.

The College day is 8.45am to 4.15pm from Monday to Friday. We expect all young people enrolled at the college to be available between these hours every day since additional lessons and enrichment activities can be added to the timetable throughout the year, so timetables may change. Some enrichment events and societies also run between 4.00pm and 5.00pm (more information on these will be provided during the induction period). Your young person can work from home, in the College’s Learning Resource Centre (LRC) or elsewhere if they do not have a timetabled lesson.

How can I support my young person in their journey to becoming an independent learner?

Please encourage your young person to:

  • Come to College fully equipped and ready to learn (e.g. pen, paper, folder, if available their own fully charged electronic device etc.)
  • Arrive to all lessons and tutorials on time.
  • Complete at least 14 hours of independent study each week.
  • Check their progress grades every half term on CEDAR and speak to their teachers or Progress Coach if they have worries or concerns.
  • Behave in a mature and responsible manner at all times in College and be respectful to all other members of the College community.

Are there opportunities to meet my young person’s teachers?

Yes. The College holds Parent/Carer Information Evenings at the start of each new academic year. We also offer you the opportunity to meet your young person’s subject teachers on our Parents’/Carers’ Evenings; the dates and times for all of these are advertised on our website.

The College uses software called SchoolCloud to allow you to book appointments with teaching staff on Parents’/Carers’ Evenings. As long as you have supplied an up to date email address, you will receive an automated email when bookings open for each event. Parents’/Carers’ Evenings will be a mixture of online and face to face events; more information on Parents’/Carers’ Evenings will be sent out to you nearer the time. However, if you have any concerns at other times, please contact your young person’s Progress Coach; their name will be available on CEDAR.

What is CEDAR?

CEDAR is the College information system which stores the personal data of your young person, including contact details and information on their attendance and academic progress.

Parents/carers are able to access this data via the Parent Portal. Once your young person has enrolled at the College, you will be sent a username and password to allow you to log in. We encourage parents/carers to check this information on a regular basis, so it is important that we have the correct contact details for you.

Please contact College if you have not received the login details by the end of September.

How much independent study should my young person be doing outside of lessons?

Your young person should be spending at least 14 hours on independent study each week, in addition to attending all of their lessons and tutorials. Teachers will set structured tasks to be completed during this time; your young person can complete this work in the College’s Learning Resource Centre (LRC) or at home.

What opportunities are there for work experience at the College?

T Level students are required to undertake 315 hours in an industry placement; this is a compulsory element of their programme of study and can be completed in blocks during their two year course or on a day release basis.

BTEC/CTEC Extended Diploma courses at College strongly advise young people to find a regular, relevant work experience placement for up to 4 hrs per week. This is also recommended for young people studying A Levels who want to enter the medical or care-related professions.

In addition, all Year One students are expected to attend a work placement for at least one week. To facilitate this, all Year One students are taken off timetable for one week in January. Please encourage your young person to arrange their own work placement if possible. The College has a Work Experience Co-ordinator who can support students in finding appropriate work placements. Please contact the college for more information on work experience opportunities.

Can my young person also have a part time paid job whilst at College?

College should be regarded as your young person’s ‘full time job’, so please limit any part time paid work to no more than 8 – 10 hours per week; this must be outside of college hours i.e. after 5pm weekdays or at weekends.

What personal development opportunities are available for my young person at the College?

There is a range of programmes, activities, clubs and societies for young people to become involved in at the College. Details of these can be found on the College website under the ‘Prospective Students’ section; choose the ‘College Activities’ option to find out more about these. Some enrichment events and societies run between 4.00pm and 5.00pm (more information on these will be provided during the induction period).

Who should I contact at College to discuss my young person’s progress?

All young people enrolled at the College are allocated a Progress Coach. The role of the Progress Coach is to lead weekly tutorials and to conduct regular 1-1 discussions with all of their students. If you have any concerns, or would like to discuss any issues, please contact your young person’s Progress Coach in the first instance; their name will be available on CEDAR. The Progress Coach will liaise with teaching staff or Student Services as appropriate, on your behalf.

When will I receive progress reports from teachers?

We carry out regular Progress Point Assessments in all subjects. The grades achieved at each Progress Point Assessment are entered onto CEDAR and these are available for you to view at any time via the Parent Portal. However, if you have any concerns at any time, please contact your young person’s Progress Coach; their name will be available on CEDAR.

What happens if my young person is ill and cannot attend their lessons?

Full attendance in all lessons and tutorials is a college expectation; research shows that attendance is key to achieving a young person’s full potential. On the rare occasion that your young person is too ill to attend College, they can log into their CEDAR account and add their absence from the side menu Presence – Absences – Absence Entry. Alternatively, you can call the College absence line on 01782 854203. This number is also displayed on the back of your young person’s ID badge. Staff will attempt to make contact with your young person if they are absent from lessons for any reason. If contact cannot be established, staff will contact the next of kin listed on CEDAR, therefore please ensure that your details are kept up to date. If a young person has not attended College for 4 weeks and we have not had any contact with them, their place at College will be withdrawn.

Can I apply for financial support and free school meals to support my young person whilst at the Sixth Form College?

Yes. There is a variety of financial support available, including free school meals and different types of bursary. In order to qualify for these, you must meet the criteria which are based on household income and family circumstances. Please take some time to read the Student Support information on the College website, which will provide further information, including the criteria you must meet and how to apply. Whilst you are encouraged to apply for support at the start of the academic year, if your family circumstances change mid-year, you can still apply at any point in the year.

How does my young person apply for a university place?

All young people at the College are encouraged to make an application for university through the University and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) at the end of their first year of Level 3 study. Progress Coaches work closely with young people, providing the support they need to fill in the online UCAS application form, which includes a personal statement. The deadline for submitting applications varies depending on the courses applied for; the College sets internal deadlines to ensure that young people submit their entries in time for checking before being submitted to UCAS.

The dates for 2022 applications are as follows:

  • Oxbridge/MDV & Admissions Tests and Conservatoire applications – Friday 10th September 2021
  • Russell Group, Competitive Health, Competitive Dance, & Education – Friday 24th September 2021 e.g. Nursing, Midwifery, Physiotherapy, Paramedics, Education (Primary Education, Early Years, Education Studies) & Competitive Sciences (Biomedical Science, Biochemistry, Pharmacy).
  • Local/National (non-competitive courses) – Friday 15th October 2021

A fee is charged by UCAS. For 2022 entry, the application fee is £22 for a single choice, or £26.50 for more than one choice (up to a maximum of 5 choices). Young people in receipt of a bursary will have these fees paid on their behalf.


If you are unsure what course you think you should choose or what career you would like to aspire towards then contact Admissions: