All students at the college who do not have a GCSE grade C or above in Maths and English must study towards this level while they are in college. All courses will be discussed and agreed on an individual basis.

As well as helping you to secure the best possible results, we you give you every opportunity to hone the skills and talents that every employer and university will look for in today’s competitive market.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Whatever course you choose to study, life as a City of Stoke-on-Trent Sixth Form College student is an exciting mix of learning and socialising. The Sixth Form College will prepare you for the next stages in life by developing and broadening your skills and interests as well as achieving qualifications.

Private study

To meet today’s demands, you will develop skills in communication, information technology and numeracy. Every course at the college will encourage you to develop these vital skills.

Pathway Plus Activities

After your time with us it’s important that you not only have the necessary qualifications to progress but also the invaluable employability skills in order for you to step in to your chosen career. There is a wide range of Pathway Plus activities that will be specifically aimed towards the industry you are interested in, making them interesting whilst developing the skills employers are looking for.

Group Tutorials

In addition to your 1:1 meetings you will also attend weekly tutorials delivered by your Progress Coach. You will build up numerous employability skills to prepare you for future employment.

Progress Coach

Each term you will spend 1:1 time with your personal Progress Coach to discuss your overall progress in college. Each meeting will also focus on your attendance and future plans. All this information will be recorded and will be accessible to both parents and students via the Internet.

Regular assessment

Six times a year, your subject teachers will review your progress via summative assessment and together you will agree targets to ensure motivation, direction and a clear plan of action to keep you on track and improving. This will ensure you are clear on how you are performing in college.

Enhance your employability skills

Our Stoke6th Graduate programme aims to develop skills such as independent learning communication, information technology and numeracy. Every course at the college will encourage you to develop these vital skills. Having the right employability skills can make the difference between you being successful in the world of work or not!

Accelerated Learning Coach

As part of your study programme, you may be offered support from an Accelerated Learning Coach. This is a mentoring scheme led by former students currently studying at university who support students to achieve their target grades with a particular focus in numeracy and literacy.