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Please note email, Cedar email and the College website and social media will be our ONLY forms of direct communication for updates on COVID-19 to students and their families.  Please check these platforms regularly for the latest updates from the College.

You can inform the College of any changes to your contact details via your Cedar portal or by emailing stating your name, student ID and date of birth.

We may have answered your questions already on our Online Learning and Risk Assessment Frequently Asked Questions page. If your answer is not here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


As you will have heard, the Prime Minister is once again ordering us to “Stay at home, Protect the NHS, Save lives” as infection levels across the country surge. Therefore, it is with a heavy heart that all schools and colleges have been ordered to close to the majority of staff and students, and to switch once again to remote learning until at least February half term (Friday 12th February 2021).  As with the changes announced in December this is being mandated by the government and is not a college decision. 

As with previous national lockdowns, the College will remain OPEN vulnerable students and students of critical workers, which also includes students who do not have appropriate learning conditions from home (for example access to a computer with suitable screen size or internet access).  If this applies to you then please attend college to access your online learning, and inform your progress coach that you are attending in person. 

As a college, we will endeavour to continue to provide all students with the highest quality education and support possible to ensure students achieve to the best of their ability.


On Wednesday 6th January the Department for Education (DfE) and the examination awarding bodies provided greater clarity about how student grades may be awarded in the summer. Therefore, and after careful consideration of the possible impacts on students, the Sixth Form College have decided that we will NOT sit any external examinations in January 2021.   

This applies to all external examinations in January, including BTEC, CTEC, LIBF, and Number and Measure. If you are in any doubt or concerned about this change, please contact your class teacher in the first instance. 

We fully understand that some students have examinations tomorrow and apologies that the government is making these important changes in a rapidly changing pandemic, with very little notice.


The Government also recently announced that it may not be possible for all exams in the summer to take place as previously planned, including A Level and GCSE. It is not yet clear how grades will be awarded in the summer with further examinations and assessments still possible, along with teacher assessed grades.  

Therefore, students must continue to work hard and to continue to develop vital knowledge and skills as work completed during lockdown may contribute to a teacher-assessed grade at the end of the year.


Students should continue to follow their timetable as normal online. Registers will continue to be taken and attendance monitored, so please attend all lessons. As previously if you do not have a suitable workstation at home, access to appropriate equipment, including a suitable computer screen or broadband internet then please come into college to access your online lessons from college


It is vital that students continue to work on their studies with the same level of commitment as they give to their face-to-face classes.  Lessons will be live-streamed and students should log-in on time for the start of every lesson as it appears in their cedar timetable.  Teachers will take a register of attendance and engagement in learning.  If students do not attend lessons this will be followed up by their teachers and progress coach as it would be normally. 

Students can help by doing the following: 

  • Making sure you have access to learning materials on MySFC and/or Google classroom for each subject, and talking to your Progress Coach team if there is an issue with access to a computer or the internet from home. 
  • Making sure there is somewhere quiet to work at home.  We will be providing learning materials for each subject, each week, to mirror the work that would be completed in class and through independent study. 
  • Students and parents with any concerns regarding learning from home or examinations and assessment are asked to contact their Progress Coach or teachers via email. 

Doing these things will help to ensure your learning and skills continue to develop, which will ultimately put you on the best possible position to achieve your best, regardless of your progression plan post 18. 


If you are unable to access a lesson due to ill health please continue to use the college absence procedure – by calling the absence line on 01782 854203 or by logging it on Cedar. Only students who have been in college will be required to declare a positive Covid test result.


As this pandemic continues to disrupt our lives and students’ education it is vital that we all play our part in controlling the virus so that we can return to some form of normality as quickly as possible. We urge all students to please follow the current government advice around lockdown 3.0 and stay home to save lives.


If you have any questions or concerns your Teachers and Progress Coaches are continuing to work as normal so please make contact with them in the first instance by email.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Kent


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