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Please note email, Cedar email and the College website and social media will be our ONLY forms of direct communication for updates on COVID-19 to students and their families.  Please check these platforms regularly for the latest updates from the College.

You can inform the College of any changes to your contact details via your Cedar portal or by emailing stating your name, student ID and date of birth.

We may have answered your questions already on our Online Learning and Risk Assessment Frequently Asked Questions page. If your answer is not here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


On Monday 22nd February the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson outlined his four-step roadmap for leaving lockdown that could see lockdown restrictions lifted by 21 June – if conditions are met. 

Teaching and learning within the classroom will continue after the Easter break (from Monday 19th April). Students should continue to follow their timetable as normal within the College building. 

Face coverings should continue to be worn in college as a precautionary measure when students return after the Easter break (please see below for further guidance on control measures throughout the building). 

This cautious approach will help limit the risk of transmission and enable continued monitoring of the effect of return to college, as twice-weekly testing is established and embedded in student’s routines.  

Covid Testing

Following the success of the asymptomatic testing programme on the return to school and college, it is vital to keep testing at home throughout the Easter holidays and into the summer term. Staff and students are reminded to: 

  • Continue to test twice a week at home from now on (all those who are able to) 
  • Report your results online as Positive, Negative or Void. This information is critical in helping the Government to understand the prevalence of the virus across the country 
  • Continue to test twice weekly over the Easter holidays 
  • Test before returning college for the summer term, either the night before or morning of, the first day back, to find and isolate any positive cases 
  • Test kits are available to all students from your Progress Coach or from Main Reception 
  • Families and households can also access home test kits for adults. 

In addition to this advice, the College also ask that: 

  • Students who have tested positive for Covid should not take a test within 90 days of when they tested positive and therefore DO NOT need to test during this period 
  • Students who would prefer are welcome to get tested at a local community testing centre  
  • In the event a test comes back positive, please follow government guidance and self-isolate and inform the college by emailing as soon as possible 

The most important way that we can protect you, your family and loved ones, is by preventing the virus from entering the building.  Therefore, these tests are vitally important in protecting not only you but also your loved ones. 

Safety and Control Measures

Returning to College after the Easter break learning next week will continue to be supported by a range of control measures designed to minimise the spread of coronavirus.   

We have worked closely with PHE to develop and refresh the system of controls to reduce the risk of transmission in the building. Please be reminded below of the key measures that will be in place that all staff and students must adhere to:  

  • Wash and sanitise your hands on arrival to the building and regularly throughout the day.  
  • Ensure that you observe 2m social distancing measures, both in choosing where to sit and work, and when moving around the College building.   
  • The wearing of face coverings remains MANDATORY in all areas around the building including the classroom.  If there is a Perspex screen separating workstations, then a face covering is not required.
  • Follow the one-way system when moving around the building.  
  • Use of empty classrooms and social spaces around the building during lunch/break times to ensure social distancing is observed.  
  • Doors are wedged open.  
  • Tissues, hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes will be available in all rooms for staff to use.  
  • Staff are reminded that the air conditioning unit within the building can be controlled individually within each room to control the airflow.  

The following additional control measures will also continue into the Summer Term: 

  • Face masks will also become MANDATORY in classrooms and other teaching spaces unless wearing a face covering would impact on teaching and learning and the ability to take part in exercise or strenuous activity, for example in PE lessons or for those who are exempt from wearing a face-covering as set out in Government guidance.  
  • Please note, face shields and visors are no longer accepted as a face covering, masks are now the only form of face covering.  However, we would prefer you to wear a face shield rather that nothing if you can’t wear a mask.  

Since the wearing of masks was introduced, students have taken incredible responsibility for providing and wearing their own mask and our hope is that this will continue with great success.  

We ask students and staff to continue to do everything they can to adhere to these measures, because it is vital that they are implemented well and consistently to keep our college community healthy and happy.  

Risk Assessment

Please click HERE to view the updated risk assessment to keep up to date with all the lasted Covid news from the college. 

Students with personal risk assessments

Students who have a personal Covid risk assessment are asked to review this with your family and communicate any significant updates to their Progress Coach who will liaise to update the document and implement any further measures. 

Reporting your absence


 Please inform the College immediately of any COVID-19 related absence. This could be for some of the following reasons: 

  • You or a member of your family/bubble are displaying symptoms 
  • You or a member of your family/bubble have been tested for COVID-19 and you are awaiting results 
  • You or a member of your family/bubble have been contacted by the Government Track and Trace team and have been instructed to self-isolate 

You can inform the College of any COVID-19 related absence by emailing 

If you are concerned you may have been in contact with someone who has Covid or if you or someone in your household has symptoms, please book a PCR test through NHS procedure. 

To report any non-COVID-19 related absence please to use the main student absence line on 01782 854203 or log an absence via Cedar.

Guidance for Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs), btecs & ctecs

Following a consultation period, the Government have announced that the assessment of this summers cancelled examinations will be Teacher Assessed Grades (TAG) for Levels, BTECs and CTECs.   

For A Level and GCSE courses, grades will be awarded by teachers based on a range of evidence, including but not limited to, exam board assessments and set mini-tests, mocks, homework, essays, in-class assessments and tests and coursework.  

For students studying a BTEC qualification, teachers will use a breadth of evidence from across the course to award a TAG. Evidence will include completed internal unit grades, external units that were completed or received a calculated grade in the first year of the course (if applicable), predicted grades for any internal and external units that will not be completed this year.   

We understand this may be an uncertain time for some students and college staff are currently working on the detail of information that we have received and will work tirelessly to ensure a fair quality assurance process in relation to TAGs. We will share with students the evidence that we will be using for each course to produce their TAG, however, under no circumstances are TAGs allowed to be shared with students. This process is to be treated as highly confidential until final grades are published on results day in August. This is because grades may change once they have been moderated by exam boards. Any breach of this by staff will be considered professional misconduct.  

Please click here for more information about the TAG process and guidance for students and parents 

We are pleased that the success of the roadmap so far will hopefully see us returning to life pre-Covid after the Easter breakPlease continue to follow the latest Government advice including; HANDS, FACE, SPACE and FRESH AIR 

Many Thanks,  
The Senior Management Team 


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