All-time high for Oxbridge offers at the Sixth Form College

This year has seen an impressive seven Sixth Form College students receive offers from Oxbridge. This is an outstanding achievement and the College is proud of each of the offer holders.

Of the seven students, three have received offers from the University of Cambridge: Anderson Allcock, from Trentham, Lucy Sibbring, from Blythe Bridge and Mitchell Birkin, from Cellarhead. Four have offers from the University of Oxford: David Stone, from Stone, Chloe McCourt, from Trentham, Iesha Lovatt, from Trentham, Shama Abed, from Cobridge.

Receiving an offer from these institutions is an impressive achievement that is a result of hard work and commitment.

Anderson Allcock, formerly of Trentham Academy, has applied to study Veterinary Medicine. Anderson’s offer has come from Jesus College, Cambridge, and is for A*AA It has been Anderson’s ambition to work in Veterinary Medicine since he took part in a work experience opportunity as a high school student.

Anderson said: “For as long as I can remember I have wanted to study at Cambridge University. When I saw that I had got an offer I was ecstatic, and relieved. I had been waiting to hear from Cambridge since December. Knowing that the University considers me Cambridge material is an honour.”

Anderson continued, “I am grateful to the support that has been offered to me at the Sixth Form College. My subject teachers have given up their time to help me with extra reading and interview prep. As a member of the High Achievers Programme I have also had access to mock interviews, which have been immensely useful.”

A former Co-operative Academy student, Shama, has been offered a place at Hertford College, Oxford to study English. To secure her place Shama needs to achieve three As in her A Levels.

Before enrolling at the Sixth Form College, Shama hadn’t considered applying to Oxbridge. She said: “Before I started at College I didn’t believe that Oxford or Cambridge were within my reach, I hadn’t considered them as options. I changed my mind after the Sixth Form College organised a trip to Oxford. During the trip I discovered that the University’s environment was friendly and welcoming. When I found out that I had been accepted I was surprised, proud, but a little shocked. I had enjoyed the interview process, but the admissions tests were challenging.”

Each of the studious seven are members of the College’s newly relaunched High Achievers Programme, which aims to support gifted students in fulfilling their potential. Designed by College staff, who are Oxbridge Graduates, the programme offers students specialist preparation for competitive university courses, which includes mock interviews, masterclasses and university visits.

Director of Teacher, Learning and Assessment, Edward Swann, who oversees the College’s High Achievers Programme said that he was proud of this achievement: “it’s a major accomplishment for each of the seven students and validates the success of the newly repurposed programme.”

“Having seven students receive offers from Oxbridge is outstanding, particularly in a city that has traditionally seen small numbers of Oxbridge applicants. This number of offers is a result of student hard-work and the combined efforts of Sixth Form staff, trustees, and local employers. Moving forward we hope to build on this success and to see an even greater number of students apply to Oxbridge next year.”