Creative and Digital Arts Online Exhibition

Every year the Creative and Digital Arts department at the Sixth Form College hosts an art exhibition to showcase the work of year 2 students. Due to Covid-19, the College has had to do things differently and are bringing the exhibition into the virtual world.

As a result of Covid-19 restrictions and social distancing constraints, staff took the sad decision to cancel the exhibition within the building. 

The exhibition sees students from Photography, Product Design, Digital Games Design, Art and Design, Graphic Design, TV and Film Production and Media Studies submitting work.

The annual event is a great occasion where the Sixth Form College invites students and their families to celebrate and praise the talent and hard work of year 2 students. 

Not wanting the students’ hard work to go without celebration, the college decided to showcase their work in the form of an online exhibition.

Kim Finn, Curriculum Manager of Creative Arts said: “The staff within the team wanted the opportunity to share their students’ success with them, and as we are unable to hold a live exhibition, chose to move their work online instead.”

During their programme of study, students have been taught a vast range of skills. Due to the lockdown, final pieces which are usually displayed in the exhibition could not be finished. The work produced over the last year was of an exceptionally high standard. Having the opportunity to display such great pieces is a proud moment for all involved

Kim Finn, Curriculum Manager of Creative Arts commented “The end of Year 2 sees our students creating their best work, as they put into practice the skills developed during their time with us. Unfortunately, the chance to fully shine has been taken away from them, and despite our students being unable to complete their final pieces, we wanted them to have their moment of seeing their work showcased.”

Despite the college students’ initial disappointment of the physical exhibition being cancelled, they are now viewing this experience in a positive way.

Year 2 student, Isabel Gardiner commented: “I feel that the original exhibition being cancelled is unfortunate, however, the fact that it is still being held but online is an interesting prospect.”

“During our digital age, more groups of people are being able to access all forms of content and media and therefore I feel as though in some ways this is a positive as the exhibition is, therefore, more accessible.”

“It’s very exciting that I can still see the work other students have produced and spent the last two years working on.” To view to live exhibition visit