Digital Games Design & Development Students secure a client brief

Second year Digital Games Design & Development Students have secured a client brief from one of Staffordshire’s leading 2D/3D Media and Animation studios; Carse & Waterman Productions. 

Daniel Waterman, of Carse & Waterman Productions paid a visit to the City of Stoke on Trent Sixth Form College to present the students with an exciting 3D animation brief. Entitled ‘Stoke in the Future’, the brief requirements were to create a 3D animation which promotes the futuristic developments of local architecture and products that the students feel would showcase what the future may look like, aside from this, the brief was left very open to allow students to be as creative as possible.

The context behind this brief is to envisage a dystopian future, not dissimilar to Bladerunner or Tomorrowland with flying cars and perhaps even robot deliveroos! Who knows what these students will come up with! 

To help guide the students Carse & Waterman kindly supplied the College with a 3D model of a train station which the students should use to project their animations on to when presenting their final projects by using the front of buildings, windows and roofs etc.

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