English in Real Life

Level 3 Foundation Year students studying GCSE English at the Sixth Form College have been working extremely hard this year to hone their writing skills. To practise letter writing techniques in real life, students wrote to local MP’s about issues they felt passionately about. The correspondence the students went on to receive was an experience that they will never forget.

Sixth Form College students set upon writing letters to their local MP’s regarding issues they felt passionately about. Topics ranged from cycle lanes to Covid, and from swimming pools to local wildlife. Personal passions were harnessed and individual experiences given a voice.

Students spent a lot of time on research, ensuring their thoughts were supported with facts and expressed coherently, so they were able to showcase their thoughts in well-framed and well-considered arguments.

Level 3 Foundation Year student, Daniel Proctor says “It was a unique thing to do and I enjoyed it. It gave me the chance to explain my problems.”  

Student Nathan Pooler also commented “It was fun and enjoyable to make the effort on behalf of the community.

The most enjoyable part of this project was the responses many of the GCSE English students subsequently received from their MP. In some cases, students were surprised their letter was deemed important enough for a response and that their voice was being heard. The MPs’ replies 

Student, Rawaz Ibrahim commented “It has been a fascinating process and I was thankful for the opportunity. I was really surprised to receive an email back.”

Teacher of English, Lucy Twigg commented, “Our students have learnt about the power of self-expression; presenting arguments empowering them in ways they hadn’t imagined and communication. I was delighted by their efforts and enthusiasm.”