Former A Level Dance Student Returns to Sixth Form College to Inspire Next Generation

Former A Level Dance student Rachel Ambler made a return to the City of Stoke-on-Trent Sixth Form College on Tuesday 17th April to further ignite a passion for dance among current A Level students with an incredibly informative and motivating workshop.

At just 22 years old, Rachel has already carved her path to success in the academic dance realm, securing a First on the BA (Hons) Dance course at the University of Chester. Currently, she’s pursuing her Master’s degree while imparting her knowledge as a lecturer on Performing Arts degree courses at the university.

Not stopping there, Rachel also manages her own enterprise as the director of Lyra Dance Creative, a dance performance collective. They aim to use dance and performance as a vehicle for discussion on the issues that matter. Rachel successfully secured funding to tour her groundbreaking work with Cheshire Rural Touring.

Reflecting on her visit, Rachel shared,

It was great to return to the Sixth Form to teach a workshop for the A Level Dance students. The theoretical and practical mix of my A Level Dance course at the college was excellent preparation for my degree studies at the University of Chester. I really enjoyed my time here and it was lovely to be able to answer the questions the students had about my career now teaching, researching and creating dance.

Curriculum Manager of Performing Arts at the Sixth Form College, Richard O’Brien, shows immense pride for Rachel’s achievements as he remarked,

Rachel was an amazing A Level Dance student and a true example of the ‘thinking dancer’ with superb skills across both the creative and academic aspects of the course.”

I am so proud of her success in the world of higher education. I am also very grateful that she was able to take the time out of her busy career to return to deliver an excellent workshop which really inspired both the students and me.

Enthused by the workshop, first-year A Level Dance student William Astley commented,

Hearing about Rachel’s journey from this very room to where she is now really motivates me to pursue my passion for dance, both academically and creatively.

Rachel’s venture from student to mentor serves as a testament to the transformative power of education and passion, inspiring both educators and learners alike to pursue their dreams relentlessly.

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