Gambia Trip 2020

Intrepid adventurers from the City of Stoke-on-Trent Sixth Form College embarked on a trip of a lifetime to Gambia. 


Having been set a fundraising target of £400 each, 15 students tackled a variety of activities including bake sales, sponsored runs and sporting events. Each student worked incredibly hard to raise the money which would be given to the Abuko Lower Basic School and Nursery to help pay towards a teachers salary for the year, plus much needed teaching supplies. 

Ahead of the trip, the Sixth Form Students worked in small groups to collate resources before the study visit. They created a variety of teaching activities both for inside and outside of the classroom for this age group, all whilst developing their own skills and confidence. 

Whilst in Gambia, the students worked closely with the children from the Abuko Lower Basic School and Nursery. Typically, the Abuko children are taught in very large groups with very few resources or facilities and so having the opportunity to work in small group activities, along with the enthusiasm and attention that our students brought to the school enabled the children to thrive. 

Team Gambia Student Aflie Brookes who is currently studying A Level English Language, Physical Education and Psychology at the Sixth Form College said,

“I can only describe this trip as a once in a lifetime opportunity. We all worked so hard to raise the money needed for this trip, so to see how the money will benefit the school first hand was incredible.

“I feel so proud to know that it has made a huge difference to the children and teachers at the school. It makes you take a step back and appreciate what facilities we have, and how much the small things can make such a huge impact on your education, which up until this point I probably took for granted.”

As well as working at the school, the Team Gambia students were also able to experience more of the local environment and culture as they ventured on planned excursions including visiting a local monkey sanctuary and textiles markets.