Meet Your New Student Governors!

An election was held in June where students went head to head and competed to become student governors for the new academic year. Two new governors have now been elected and are looking forward to the challenge.

The role of a student governor is to present the views of the student body to Senior Management and the Local Governing Body. This is done through the facilitation of student parliament and the putting together of the agendas and inviting speakers.

They will also be required to attend the Local Governing Body meetings to give feedback on the student voice. In addition, they will manage any subgroups e.g. the Green Team. It is about capturing the student voice and making sure it is heard. Every year students at the Sixth Form College vote for two new student governors from a selection of nominees.

This year seven Sixth Form College students put themselves forward to stand as candidates for student governor. They all put up a strong fight and prepared exceptional campaign material which was shared through MySFC. Each candidate wrote statements of intent which were communicated to all students and candidates responded to any questions received. The results were announced to all students via CEDAR on the 22nd June 2020

Following this campaign, the Sixth Form College are pleased to announce that the new two student governors from September 2020 are Sharne Wood and Reuben Hookey.

Sharne worked extremely hard at organising her campaign in the six weeks run-up to the election and aims to carry on with the great work that Finlay and Carenza achieved.

Sharne said “I made an electoral poster detailing my three big areas which I will be looking at making changes on, a set of campaign slides explaining who I am, what I stand for and what I want to achieve”

“I promoted myself wherever I could; my social media pages, asking people for their vote, getting my friends to spread the word etc. I learned to be fearless and to stand up and be proud”

All of Sharne’s hard work and dedication paid off when she was elected to become student governor. Sharne commented “When I opened the results email and read it out to my friend, we both screamed – I ran downstairs crying to my Mum and we had a big hug. I just couldn’t believe it!”

Reuben believes his success lay in the strength of his pledges and the continued communication with his peers, ensuring he responded to all questions. Reuben said, “I think my victory came from the pledges that I made and I have always ensured that I answered any questions as soon as I could.”

“Moving forward I plan to work with my co-governor to make sure we can listen to the student voice, and work from that to improve college life. In the role, I will ensure to do my best to ensure that I keep my campaign promises.”

Reuben certainly benefited from his proactive approach to the campaign and is looking forward to his new role. Reuben commented “I’m excited to begin work in my new role, I want to ensure that I can make college life the best I can for all students. I have always been interested in improving the quality of life for everyone in the various environments that I have been in.”

Sharne and Reuben will start their new roles in September but are planning to meet with senior management over the coming weeks to start planning for the new academic year.
This year’s election was outstanding and the Sixth Form College would like to wish Sharne and Reuben the very best of luck.