Prize Presentation Evening 2019

An evening of celebration as The City of Stoke on Trent Sixth Form hosted its annual Prize Presentation evening; recognising achievements, success and personal development of students past and present.

Bringing glitz, glamour and a red carpet to Staffordshire University’s LRV, The Sixth Form put on evening of mesmerising displays as each “Progression Pathway” was able to showcase their talents. From show reels to readings, and psychology tests to sporting performances, accompanied by live singing and dancing which left the audience in awe at the overall talent produced by the College! With around 180 guests including students, parents, representatives from local businesses and VIP guests, this year’s celebration has been the biggest by far.

Students were recognised on the night for their achievements, not only their academic growth, but also in their personal development, improving their life skills and confidence. Among the deserved winners was high achiever and University of Cambridge hopeful Izaak Fairclough who was presented with the Old Hanliensian W.M. Wilson/Jim Hulme Memorial Prize for Mathematics.

An incredibly talented student with a natural affinity for learning, and particular interest in Mathematics. Izaak has been an outstanding scholar from the beginning. In his first year studying maths, he attained 596 out of 600 UMS marks in his exam and consistently performed to an incredible standard, often gaining 100% in the rest of his assessments. He is an avid mathematician who attends extra-curricular events such as the Keele University extension sessions, even whilst completing his STEP papers in preparation for entry to study Mathematics at the University of Cambridge.

Izaak Fairclough said, “I have worked really hard over the last two years so it was really nice to find out I had won a prize as it showed me that all of my work and achievements have been recognised, which encourages me to carry on aiming high.”

“I never even considered applying to universities such as Cambridge until I visited the universities with the College and realised that I could see myself studying there. I have received lots of support from staff especially in terms of mock interviews and in finding extra courses to help with my STEP Papers in preparation for Cambridge, which are a really difficult challenge.”

Anjuma Choudhury was also recognised on the evening, receiving the Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce Prize for Government and Politics.

Anjuma Choudhury said, “I was really proud to receive my award on the night. It is really nice to be acknowledged for working hard. I am very grateful for all of the help that I have received which has encouraged me to aim highly.”

“All staff at the College have been incredibly helpful in my applications, I want to go to the University of Birmingham to study English and History dual honours and aspire to be a Secondary School Teacher, but I don’t feel limited to just that, I will stay open minded to any opportunity that comes my way.”

Anjuma is an exceptionally motivated student who volunteers her time to provide 1-2-1 mentor support for first year students. With a keen interest in politics, she attended the Public Gallery at both Parliament and the Supreme Court and even undertook work experience with a local MP. After successfully campaigning to become Student Governor, Anjuma now co-leads the Student Parliament meetings at the College. Currently studying English Literature, History and Politics, Anjuma plans to blend her love of History and English on a Combined Degree course at university.

Fellow award winner, Jon Hart was also acknowledged on the evening for his commitment to volunteering and was presented with the Stoke City Prize for Volunteering.

He is a thoroughly outstanding student who has committed over 100 hours of volunteering during his time at the College. Including countless primary and high school events across a variety of sports at Fenton Manor. Acting as the College’s ‘Football Activator’, Jon encourages students across the College to get involved in numerous football activities. Always willing to give back, not only to the College but also to the local community he has given his time to take on additional volunteering opportunities with Stoke City Community Trust and Learn2Play Coaching Company.

Jon Hart said, “I was so chuffed and touched to have received this award, I won a signed Stoke City Football shirt which has taken pride of place in the house! Volunteering has opened a lot of opportunities up for me, I enjoy helping kids progress and find volunteering really rewarding.”

“I am currently studying BTEC Sports and Exercise Science and am really passionate about it, I would love to work for Stoke City Football Club or Street Games which is an organisation that provides sports to local communities. I will also look to apply for apprenticeships after College as I would like to become a Sports Coach.”

With over 50 prizes given out in total throughout the course of the evening, it was truly a celebration of student talent, achievement and recognition of all the hard work and dedication they have given over the last 12 months.