The Sixth Form has Got the Y Factor!

Over 50 Year 10 Students from Clayton Hall Academy, Birches Head Academy and Excel Academy visited the City of Stoke-on-Trent Sixth Form College for a full day of Humanities Masterclasses. 

Humanities enthusiasts from across the three schools joined the Sixth Form College for an immersive day into the life of a Humanities student. Taking part in A-Level taster sessions, delivered by our expert staff in History, Philosophy, Classical Civilisation and Religious Studies, students were able to expand their knowledge and start to think about the bigger picture.

The insightful day saw students considering what is possibly one of the biggest debates known to man- and no we aren’t talking about Brexit! During their Religious Studies masterclass, students were asked to think about arguments for and against God, which really helped to enhance their debating skills and to enable them to consider all views around huge topics. 

Expanding on their new found insights and reasoning, students were able to put their inquisitiveness to the test as they dared to ask ‘why’ during the Philosophy Masterclass. This varied and unique subject really pushed boundaries and ensured that students did not settle for the easy answers, quite often leaving them with even more questions! 

Travelling back in time, students looked at the Battle of Balaclava whilst in their History Masterclass- observing its causes and casualties. Students looked at the battle tactics and debated the significance of the decisions made, and considering what they might have done differently to reduce casualties.

Finally, students embarked on an epic adventure as they delved into the world of Gods, monsters and legends as part of their Classical Civilisation Masterclass. Journeying into the Greek and Roman worlds as they combine history with literature and discover ancient civilisations that helped to shape the world today.

Chris Eyre, Curriculum Manager of Humanities said,

‘Events like this are the perfect opportunity for students who are interested in a subject within humanities and want to experience a day in a college setting. This event helps to expand horizons and develop the higher skills needed to think beyond the parameters of what students are used to, or even to try new things in subjects that haven’t had the opportunity to experience at whilst high school.’