A-Level Photography Submissions

Our First Year A Level Photography Students have been working hard on their first portrait project over the last 8 weeks. As part of their assessment, students were asked to submit a portrait project which focused on using the photocopier style.

The brief was set as part of developing the student’s understanding and knowledge surrounding portraiture, both in a practical and theoretical setting. From booking the studio, to arranging models and setting up the backdrops and lighting, each student was tasked to work completely un-aided in order to demonstrate the skills they have developed. 

Patrick Shaw, Photography Teacher at the City of Stoke-on-Trent Sixth Form College commented on the project:

‘I always try to set tasks that encourage my students to think independently and use their initiative. If they decide to pursue photography as a career they will need to organise everything from start to finish by themselves, I also think it helped to create a greater sense of achievement for my students when they have managed to complete a task completely independently.

The Sixth Form is a great place to develop your skills and resilience, as part of the Stoke Sixth Graduate initiative, I always try to set tasks that will help students in life beyond college

And build their resilience, confidence and initiative.’

Each student was asked to submit 3 final prints and then experiment with more basic forms of presenting their work which in this case was by using a photocopier style which created a lower quality grayscale image which created its own artistic styling once complete. That wasn’t all, the students then had to select one image from their project to apply for an Open Call to have their work printed in a London based magazine collective- The Photocopy Club. We may be biased, but they definitely have our vote!

But don’t take our word for it- have a look for yourself: