Inspiring Lecture on Augustan Image and University Pathways for Classics Students

On the 24th of October, the City of Stoke-on-Trent Sixth Form College Classical Civilisation department were privileged to host Dr Hannah Cornwell, a senior lecturer from the University of Birmingham, who delivered a captivating lecture on “Augustan Image.” 


The event was a significant opportunity for A Level students to gain a deeper understanding of ancient history; the intricacies of Augustus’s rise to power, and to receive valuable advice about pursuing degrees in Classics and Ancient History.  


Dr Hannah Cornwell’s presentation shed light on the complex journey of Octavian, later known as Augustus, and how he strategically navigated Roman politics to secure his position while keeping the Senate and the res publica content. The lecture also explored the profound significance of his name change and its impact on Rome, in addition to discovering his relationships during this transformative period in history.  


Second-year student Rebecca Locker, formerly of St Peter’s Academy, shared her thoughts on the lecture, stating:

“The lecture was highly informative in terms of Octavian’s rise to power. It was also very interesting how significant his name change was, how he went about it, and the impact it had on Rome. The talk provided great insight into Augustus’ rise to power and will be invaluable when revising for A Levels.” 


In addition to the historical insights, the event also featured Dr Andy Fear from the University of Manchester, who provided valuable guidance to students interested in pursuing degrees in Classics and Ancient History. The students had the opportunity to learn what these prestigious institutions look for in their applicants, ensuring they are well-prepared for their academic journeys.  


First-year student Mina Tideswell, formerly of Endon High School, expressed her appreciation for the lecture’s broader benefits; she said:

“The lecture not only provided a valuable insight into the more intricate elements of Augustan Image but also the experience of a university-style lecture. It instilled excitement within me to further my knowledge and understanding as I progress through the A-level course.” 

The combination of historical knowledge and advice on academic pathways made this event a truly enriching experience for students, nurturing a deeper appreciation for the subject matter and inspiring them to aim high in their educational pursuits.  

The Sixth Form College prides itself on being one of the few institutions in the local area that provides A Level Classical Civilisation. Their dedication is evident in delivering unique and specialised subjects, ensuring a varied and fulfilling range of academic opportunities for students.  

The Classical Civilisation department provides an enriching educational experience extending beyond the classroom; they actively seek to ignite a passion for ancient history through engaging events and look forward to hosting more events in the future.  


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