Interested in a career within Medical, Dentistry or Veterinary?

Every year, we receive an increasing number of students looking to pursue a career in Medical, Dentistry or Veterinary sectors.

As a College, we do our best to provide you with the right tools and equipment to excel in your desired career path. That’s why we developed our Medical, Veterinary & Dentistry (MDV) Programme as part of our wider High Achievers Programme.

As an MDV Student, you will receive a number of opportunities to ensure that you progress into top Medical, Dentistry and Veterinary institutions, through ongoing work experience and placements, tailored tutorials focusing on progression and an abundance of guest speakers and alumni visits.

Not only that, but you will also enrol on a bespoke 4-day timetable with one dedicated day to attend work experience each week; helping to develop your knowledge and research skills further in addition to gaining hands on experience in a medical setting in preparation for life after College. 

In addition to the MDV Programme, the Sixth Form also runs an MDV Society which is led by fellow students who undertake various research and charity projects encouraging independent learning whilst improving your employability skills even further. 

This year, we are delighted to announce that 7 of our MDV students have received offers to study Medicine, Veterinary or Dentistry Courses at leading universities across the UK with an additional 10 students waiting to hear back from their university applications. 

This amazing achievement is testament to the hard work, dedication and commitment from our students and evidences the positive impact this innovative programme has in assisting our students in achieving their dreams. 

Elizabeth Keay, Currently studying A Level Chemistry, A Level Biology and A Level Psychology received an offer of AAA from the University of Liverpool to study Veterinary Science, she commented on her offer: ‘I was thrilled to receive an offer for Veterinary Science. Animals have been a large part of my life for a very long time, it has been my dream to pursue a career with animals. 

Being a member of the Medical, Dentistry and Veterinary (MDV) Programme has helped develop my skills and provided me with opportunities to gain hands on experience in a veterinary setting. As part of my MDV timetable, I get one day off timetable to attend work experience, which has been invaluable in solidifying my dream of becoming a small animal vet in the future.’