Ovid 2000 – North Staffs Classics Association

This week, Sixth Form College Classical Civilisation students welcomed to the College members of the North Staffs Classics Association.

Celebrating the 2000 anniversary of the death of classical poet, Ovid, the Association, along with students,  performed readings of the poet’s most enduring work, Metamorphoses. At the same time, groups from all over the globe, from Poland to the USA, did the same, united in homage.

Ovid’s influence has proven far reaching since antiquity, with some of the most important writers of all time drawing on his works, including Shakespeare.

Students, including second year Josh Griffin, and first year Shanyce Walley, delivered sensitive and confident performances that impressed our visitors.

Cathy Plumb, Classics Teacher and the link between the College and the Association, expressed her enthusiasm about this opportunity – an engaging way of bringing the poetry of classical civilisations to life for a new generation.

We would like to thank the North Staffs Classics Association for hosting this event at the College and giving our students the chance to engage with classical texts in such an interactive fashion.