Sixth Form College Students Delve into Ancient Worlds at the British Museum

Forty eager Classical Civilisation students from the City of Stoke-on-Trent Sixth Form College delved into the rich tapestry of history as they embarked on a trip to the renowned British Museum in London on the 6th of March. 

Amidst the hallowed halls of the museum, A Level and GCSE students were transported back in time to the splendour of Greek and Roman civilisations. They marvelled at the Parthenon sculptures and the monumental Nereid monument, soaking in the grandeur of ancient artistry. 

Students were captivated by the extensive collection of Greek vases dating back to the Minoan and Mycenaean periods. Roman statues depicting emperors, including the iconic Augustus, stood as silent witnesses to bygone eras.

For these young minds, the experience was more than just a visit, it was a real link to what they are learning. As they encountered artefacts that feature in their exam specification, history came alive before their eyes. 

The exploration didn’t stop with Greece and Rome. Venturing further, students explored the cultural treasures of Egypt and Iran, broadening their horizons with each exhibit. 

Reflecting on the day, Cathy Plumb, Curriculum Manager for Classical Civilisation, remarked,

Seeing the votive offering Tyche made to the healing god Asclepius in thanks for a remedy for a leg injury really reinforced what we had learnt about the ancient Greek’s devotion to their gods.

Second-year A Level Classical Civilisation student Rebekah Locker said, 

“As Aristotle once wrote ‘The aim of art is not to represent the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance’, to which I think encompasses how The British History Museum made me think and feel. As I took in all the stunning artefacts from around the world during the day, especially the Parthenon Friezes.”

First-year student Arwa Salah, studying A Level Classical Civilisation, expressed her amazement stating,

I was amazed at the scale and grandeur of the exhibits we were able to explore.

Mina Tideswell, also in her first year of studies of A Level Classical Civilisation highlighted how the trip solidified their understanding commenting,

It really put everything we learned in the classroom into context and consolidated our knowledge.

These students returned home not just with memories, but with a deeper appreciation for the ancient worlds that continue to shape our present. With London’s cultural gem merely a train ride away, the British Museum remains a beacon of enlightenment, inviting future generations to explore the depths of human history.

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