The current global pandemic has seen a national shortage of personal protective equipment across the NHS and care sectors. Frontline staff are struggling to protect themselves amid this crisis, so the Sixth Form’s Curriculum Support Technician, Lee Bell, has risen to the challenge to make face visors to donate to our local caregivers. 

Everyday we are seeing doctors, nurses and care staff having to battle on the frontline with very little protective equipment. They are going to work everyday with the fear of catching Covid-19 or passing it onto their loved ones.

Whilst the government continues to source PPE both nationally and internationally, manufacturing firms, SME’s and individuals who have the knowledge and resources are helping to make equipment to donate to local care establishments. The Sixth Form is proud to say that our Curriculum Support Technician, Lee Bell has been able to make use of his technical design knowledge and make face visors by laser cutting.

Over the past few weeks, Lee has been dedicating his time in college to produce full face visors that are strong, clear, have an adjustable headband for comfort and are easy to use. His commitment was evident whilst he continued to work throughout the Easter bank holiday.

Lee has been assembling boxes of PPE equipment to include high face visors and further equipment like gloves, goggles and aprons that have been donated by our science department. Lee says “I’m currently making the face visors on my own due to shortages around Stoke on Trent and I have the skills and the equipment to help. I am just glad that I can help the local community.”

So far the College have donated over 400 face visors and the recipients of these donations include; The Chimes Nursing Home in Penkhull, West Croft Nursing Home in Stoke, Hanford Court in Hanford, The Royal Stoke Hospital, The Dougie Mac and we are one of a number of suppliers to kit the Hull Royal Infirmary. 

Lee is planning to spend the forthcoming weeks ahead to continue to construct face visors and PPE boxes so that his donations to the local community can continue.