Sixth Form College Achieves a Show-Stopping Triumph at the National Youth Theatre


The City of Stoke-on-Trent Sixth Form College is thrilled to announce its largest cohort of students ever to be accepted into the prestigious National Youth Theatre (NYT) this summer. With a mix of first and second-year students, as well as former students, this accomplishment marks a significant milestone for the college’s Musical Theatre and Theatre Programme. The students have received unparalleled support from expert staff, who have guided them through the rigorous application and audition process.

The National Youth Theatre is renowned for its commitment to nurturing and showcasing the exceptional talents of young performers across the United Kingdom. Selected participants gain access to world-class training, workshops, and professional productions led by industry experts.

This year’s success demonstrates the outstanding caliber of students at the Sixth Form College and reflects the dedication of college staff. They extend their warmest congratulations to the following students for their exceptional achievements:

  • Jess Lello
  • Maddie Brassington
  • Rebekah Locker
  • Amy Keen-Wicks
  • Josh Evans
  • Ruby Roberts (former student)
  • Dhanya Fairley (former student)
  • Lucy Walley (on the reserve list)

These talented individuals have not only demonstrated their commitment to excellence but have also showcased the values of creativity, dedication, and perseverance. Their acceptance into the National Youth Theatre is a testament to their talent, hard work, and the outstanding support they have received from Musical Theatre staff.

Sixth Form College takes immense pride in cultivating an environment that empowers students to pursue their artistic passions and dreams. The achievements of students who have secured a place within the National Youth Theatre further solidify their commitment to providing exceptional educational opportunities and experiences.

This achievement fills the college with immense pride and reaffirms its pledge to nurture emerging talent in the performing arts. Sixth Form College excitedly looks forward to witnessing the future accomplishments of its students as they continue to dazzle audiences on national stages. First-year student Jess Lello said,


“I’ve always had a deep love for the stage and the power of storytelling. The support and opportunities I’ve had from Sixth Form College and local theatre and musical theatre companies have only fuelled my passion further. I am determined to pursue my dreams and make a meaningful impact in the world of theatre, whether it’s through captivating performances on the West End or by inspiring future generations as a Drama Teacher.”

Second-year student Maddie Brassington also commented,

“I had an incredible time during the audition process, both in the group workshop and during my solo monologues. Despite initial nervousness stemming from the fear of rejection, with the support and encouragement of Jade, my Musical Theatre Teacher, I mustered the courage to complete the solo audition and secured a place! NYT seeks individuals who are personable, so my advice to aspiring performers would be to cherish the experience and always remain true to yourself!”

Teacher of Theatre/Musical Theatre, Jade Wood, added

“We are honoured to host auditions for the National Youth Theatre annually, providing our students with a professional audition experience and collaboration with external companies. As the sole educational venue outside London for these auditions, we take pride in our successful partnership.”

“Being part of the National Youth Theatre offers our students a creative network, enabling performances, professional auditions, and industry leadership. This year, students from various disciplines joined the buzz, fostering a supportive community during group workshops and solo monologue auditions. It’s a collective effort, celebrating all successes and opening doors to the professional industry. Stoke-on-Trent boasts remarkable young talent.”