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A Level

Course Overview

Studying Psychology will assist in careers within the health, care and education sectors.

It is the study of people – how they act, react and interact – and will lead into careers such as counselling, occupational therapy and social care. In Psychology you will plan, carry out and take part in your own pieces of psychological research.

Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour and the mind. It offers a unique educational experience that develops a distinct and broad set of skills. Stimulating content is at the heart of this engaging qualification which will encourage students to think like psychologists.

Topics include research methods, responses to people in authority, memory, external influences on children’s behaviour, regions of the brain, brain plasticity, understanding disorders, measuring differences in individuals, issues in mental health, criminal psychology and also child psychology.

Course Topics

  • Design and carry out your own pieces of psychological research
  • Learn the psychological explanations for the Holocaust
  • Find out more about how to improve your memory
  • Have a better understanding of how human memory works
  • Discover if your personality type means you are more susceptible to stress
  • Understand the problems psychologists face when having to diagnose disorders
  • Find out what happens to your development if you are raised in isolation with no contact with others
  • Be able to demonstrate how learning takes place
  • Have a better understanding of how psychologists treat psychopathology
  • Find out why we obey figures of authority


Course Features

  • It is a challenging course that encourages learners to engage in psychology in their everyday lives.
  • It provides insight into, and experience of, how Psychology works.
  • The course allows students who have a love of maths and science to further develop their skills, in a psychological context.
  • Teaches students to make informed choices about further study and about their career choices.


  • Exam: 100%
  • Awarding Body: OCR


2017 Results: 100%

Where Courses Become Careers

In most universities Psychology is studied as a natural science alongside Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Maths and is often paired with a science or social science such as sociology or criminology. A wide range of career options are open to Psychology graduates including marketing, the health sector, as well as sports or criminology. With further training, Psychologists can progress into careers such as counselling, teaching, clinical psychologists, forensic psychologists, educational psychologists, occupational psychologists and neuroscience.

Make your mark

How SFC will help you to boost your CV by developing your skills and qualifications…

Studying Psychology equips you with a number of valuable transferable skills including being able to communicate effectively using appropriate language, to interpret and critically assess scientific data, and to research and critically evaluate a range of sources. The course also encourages a development of strong literacy and numeracy skills. The acquisition of such a diverse range of skills will be of great benefit to students in further education, the workplace and society in general.


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