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Course Overview

Studying Geography gives you the opportunity to explore some of the big issues facing the world at present, and in particular how we manage these issues…

You will study a range of dynamic and thought provoking topics, which include: the process of migration, natural disasters and the management of Earth’s resources.

Geography is a highly valued subject among universities and employers, and is regarded as a facilitating A-Level.


Geography (A-Level)

Find Your Feet

Our study suite of Find Your Feet tasks have been designed to give you a taster of college life and the work involved by each subject. We recommend that you complete this work so that you know what to expect in September and to help you to choose the right subjects. There is no limit on how many subjects you can try, so find your feet in our study suite.

  • It is important to note that this work has no bearing on entry requirements and any work completed will not be marked or graded.
  • It is not required for you to bring any completed work with you in September, however, we would love for you to share your hard work.
  • It is a great platform to start your learning conversations with teaching staff and peers in September.

Download your A Level Geography Find Your Feet task here

Course Topics

  • Changing Landscapes – How coastal areas are changing and how people interact with the coastline
  • Changing Places – Changes in rural and urban areas
  • Global Systems – Hydrological and Carbon Cycles
  • Global Governance – How patterns and processes of migration are changing, and the management of the Earth’s oceans
  • Tectonic Hazards – Volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and how people respond to them
  • Economic Growth and Challenge – India: how has the country changed socially and economically, and what that might mean for the future
  • Energy Dilemmas

Course Features

Throughout the course you will study both human and physical geography.

You will have the opportunity to take part in a 3 day residential physical geography fieldtrip.

You will work independently on an Individual Investigation based on your fieldwork – excellent preparation for university.


Exams -80%
Coursework- 20%

Awarding Body: Eduqas


2018 Results: 97%

Where Courses Become Careers

There are many aspects of employment for geography students depending on whether you decide to specialise in human or physical geography. Human geography opens up career paths in development work, urban planning, while if you prefer physical geography then the career paths link more to environmental based areas.

Make your mark

How SFC will help you to boost your CV by developing your skills and qualifications…

Geography students are highly valued by employers for their skills related to fieldwork methods. You will be able to demonstrate that you know how to collect, analyse and manipulate geographical data. You will also have the opportunity to develop your literacy and numeracy skills – essential for the world of work.

You will be able to attend Geographical Association talks free of charge and will benefit from visiting academic speakers and former students.


If you are unsure what course you think you should choose or what career you would like to aspire towards then contact Admissions: