Media Studies (A Level)

Media Studies examines contemporary forms of mass communication such as TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, film and the internet. You will study the values and messages within the media, how media texts are constructed and how contemporary audiences respond to them.

The course combines theory with practice and you will develop a range of technical skills. You will learn how to use a camera for both still images and recording, how to set up a photoshoot and how to record scenes. In addition to this you will use professional editing software and desktop publishing packages including Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Adobe Premiere Pro. Media Studies combines well with most subjects; especially English, Art & Design, Graphics, TV & Film Production, History, Theatre Studies, Sociology and Psychology.

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English Language

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Topics you will study:
  • Music Magazine Construction
  • Construction of Music Videos
  • Construction of Film Trailers
  • Study of the Wider British Media
  • Study of how TV Drama is Constructed
  • Case Studies of How the British and Hollywood film industries operate
  • The use of Online Media in the Modern World
  • The study of how the media represents people, regions and nations
Progression Routes – What’s in it for me?

The range of skills required within Media Studies is recognised by both employers and universities as adaptable for a variety of courses and occupations.

The media industry employs a wide range of people: editors, journalists, engineers and researchers. Within TV you can work in front of and behind the camera: cameramen, editors and production assistants. There are numerous opportunities in radio and print journalism, and online media offers numerous opportunities to work via the internet in a wide range of occupations.

Assessment:                  Awarding Body:

Exams -50%                                     OCR
Coursework- 50%

Results 2016: 97%
Key Features:
  • Blend of academic and practical work to suit a variety of interests and preferred learning styles
  • An in depth look at the British and Hollywood film industries, studying contemporary examples of how films are brought to market through production, marketing and promotion.
  • Opportunity to make your own music magazine, as well as your own music video or film trailer.
Stoke6th Graduate Attributes
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  • The opportunity to visit London.
  • A variety of guest speakers throughout the year from industry and universities, providing insights into contemporary media practices.
  • Opportunities to engage in external partners, for example producing video content for local community groups.
  • Opportunity to develop skills in the college’s Film Crew and Futures Programme.
  • Optional masterclasses throughout the year covering key technical and creative skills.
What our students say…

“I like the balance of coursework and exam related work. The teachers provide a range of interesting activities and values students’ opinions and contributions.”

“Teaching methods are varied and lessons are always enjoyable.”