Course Overview

What is an imaginary number and how can you solve equations that can’t be solved using algebra? By studying Further Mathematics you will be able to answer these questions and many more.

You will study the Core Further Mathematics topics including areas such as complex numbers, numerical methods and matrices. In Applied Mathematics you will study Further Mechanics. At the end of the course you will gain two A Levels, one in Mathematics and one in Further Mathematics.

Further Mathematics (A Level)

Find Your Feet 2020

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  • It is important to note that this work has no bearing on entry requirements and any work completed will not be marked or graded.
  • It is not required for you to bring any completed work with you in September, however, we would love for you to share your hard work.
  • It is a great platform to start your learning conversations with teaching staff and peers in September.

Download your A Level Further Mathematics Find Your Feet task here

Course Topics

  • Complex Numbers
  • Matrices
  • Numerical Methods
  • Conic Sections
  • Hyperbolic Functions
  • Series
  • Further calculus
  • Work and Energy
  • Power
  • Collisions

Course Features

The course allows you to cover the work of two A-Levels, one in Mathematics and one in Further Mathematics.

Further Mathematics will help you to learn to simplify real life situations and analyse them mathematically.

Having an A Level in Further Mathematics is probably the most highly regarded subject of all.

If you enjoy solving problems and puzzles and really being stretched and challenged, you will enjoy this subject.

You will open up doors for almost anything.


100% Exam

Awarding Body: Edexcel


2019 Results: 100%

Where Courses Become Careers

This course is ideal for any student who intends to study Mathematics or an area related to Mathematics at university.

The logic and problem-solving skills obtained by studying Further Mathematics are highly valued by employers and Higher Education institutions. You could follow a course in Mathematics at degree level. Students frequently take subjects, which are strongly related to Mathematics such as Physics, Computing, Astronomy, Medicine, Veterinary Science, Psychology, Economics, Philosophy and many others.

Make your mark

How SFC will help you to boost your CV by developing your skills and qualifications…

If you are considering studying Mathematics at university or wish to take a Higher Education course with a large mathematical content, then you should definitely consider studying Further Mathematics. It will set you apart from other students who are competing for sought after places.

The skills that you will improve through taking this course are highly valued by universities and employers. A mathematics qualification requires students to utilise problem solving skills in combination with logic. Through its application to problems you’ll improve your independence of thought. Your ability to effectively communicate your ideas and solutions will be enhanced and your resilience as a learner will also be improved.


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