Course Overview

This course is particularly aimed at students with an interest in the wide Media, from TV and film, to advertising and print media.

By taking this course you will develop good analytical skills as well as key practical skills in print production.

You will develop a broad knowledge and understanding of the media, how different products target audiences, and how different media products are constructed.

Media (GCSE)

Course Topics

Individual Media Studies Portfolio – coursework

  • For this unit you will write a comparative essay in class about two different films, TV programmes and/or music videos. The focus is on how young people are portrayed.
  • You will also create a poster or film magazine front cover to promote a brand new film.

Production Portfolio in Media Studies

  • This is your big practical project and is assessed through coursework.
  • You can work individually or in groups, and plan, produce and evaluate an advertising campaign for a new product of your choice.

Textual Analysis and Media Studies

  •  This unit is assessed through a 1 hour 45 minute exam at the end of the year. You will see a 5 minute clip from an unseen action/adventure film and answer key questions. In addition, you will also show your understanding of TV Comedy.

Course Features

You will develop the ability to technically analyse scenes from films and explain how the technical features represent characters to audiences.

You will learn how television comedy is constructed to entertain target audiences.

You will learn how to plan and create your own media products, utilising industry standard equipment and software.

There is a strong focus on progression skills such as creativity; imagination; research; analysis; and independent thinking skills.


Coursework – 60%
Exam – 40%

Awarding Body: OCR

Where Courses Become Careers

  • GCSE Media provides a strong foundation for further progression to Media related courses and enhanced vocational and career pathways in the Creative Industries including:
  • Media Studies
  • Digital Games Design and Development
  • TV and Film Production
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography

Make your mark

How SFC will help you to boost your CV by developing your skills and qualifications…

Working both as individuals and as teams to plan and produce media to a high standard.

Studying a wide range of different media which will both challenge the way you think and provide entertainment.

Developing a new technical vocabulary and knowledge of specialist terms relevant to the media.


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